Jennifer Lopez is Having Twins

Science is going to have to invent a special kind of fabric to squeeze Jennifer Lopez’s gigantic ass in after it has been revealed today that she is pregnant with twins. New York Daily News says:

She is absolutely glowing with happiness. She’s spending time relaxing with Marc and enjoying being pregnant, which is something she has always wanted,” a source close to the 38-year-old Latina songstress told the magazine. Lopez has been dogged for years by rumors of pregnancy. Her husband, singer Marc Anthony, has three from previous relationships. But the Bronx-born boricua has been wearing baggy clothes lately – a departure from her traditional butt-clinging garb – fueling speculation that she has a bun – or two – in the oven. “Jennifer is having twins, and she’s over the moon about it,” the source told OK!”

Of course she’s over the moon. That happens when you try to get pregnant for years then magically learn you’re having twins. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are just like Sarah and Abraham except with fertility drugs. Congratulations Jennifer, God hates you.

Be sure to check out how Jennifer Lopez is with her new babies. She’ll be mother of the year for sure.