Britney Spears is Optimistic

Two days after happily giving up her children so she could go tanning and party, Britney Spears is reportedly confident that the judge will reverse his custody decision after she explains that she missed her mandatory drug tests because of a….wait for it…scheduling conflict. Yeah. New York Daily News reports:

She is feeling very optimistic about the future,” Spears’ pal Sam Lufti told Us Weekly yesterday, brushing off Spears’ drug-test delinquency as a minor mix up. “There were scheduling conflicts and some errors in communication as to times and places for drug tests . . . but they’re all squared away now,” he said, as if Spears had missed a weave appointment rather than a stern judge’s order. “She is hoping the judge will reverse the order” giving full custody of her boys to her ex-husband Kevin Federline, Lufti said, “now that she is making steps to follow through with what they asked.”

As you might have guessed, legal experts think this might not be the best of ideas:

Their advice? Show up in person to today’s 1:30 p.m. hearing and throw yourself on the mercy of the judge that even her own attorney admits she defied. And, oh, yeah – wear underwear. “I would go in person and offer to take a drug and alcohol test every single day,” said Alexandra Leichter, a private judge and family law arbitrator. “The judge gave her ample opportunity to prove herself, and she screwed up,” Leichter said. “She’d better go in and say she was on her deathbed, or bring a doctor’s note . . . or show some kind of convincing evidence she was incapacitated.”

This defense is totally going to work. Because what better way to demonstrate to the court that you’re a fit mother by basically telling the judge to fuck off after he tried to help you? The only thing Britney is optimistic about is Chili’s making their margarita glasses bigger. Meanwhile, Sean Preston and Jayden James took a bus to the mall to see if they can find a way to get kidnapped.

Britney getting special curbside service treatment at the DMV yesterday: