Britney Spears Still Hates Her Kids

Britney Spears hasn’t won anything in a while, so let me be the first to congratulate her on being Hollywood’s worst mother of all time. New York Daily News reports:

It’s official: Britney Spears is Hollywood’s worst mother – ever….The laundry list of poor treatment is long. Spears reportedly abused drugs and alcohol while caring for the boys, strutted around the house naked, fed the babies gum and other sugary sweets and never bothered to brush their teeth. Worse, she put them in constant danger on the road when, legally, she shouldn’t even have been behind the wheel. When Sean Preston was only 4 months old, Spears peeled out of a Malibu Starbucks with the baby on her lap and one hand on the wheel. Then there was the time she nearly dropped him in New York. Spears has treated these two little boys like rag dolls, trotting them out in public fully knowing an aggressive paparazzi mob awaited at every turn, and then mistreating them at home with her parental feebleness.”

Also, TMZ is reporting the reason Britney lost custody is as follows:

Spears was ordered to meet with a drug counselor — she didn’t do it.

Spears was ordered to submit to drug testing — she didn’t do it.

Spears was ordered to enroll in parenting classes — didn’t do it.

Spears was also required to sign the judge’s order — again, she didn’t.

And last Friday, Commissioner Gordon prohibited both Spears and K-Fed from driving the children unless they had a valid California driver’s license. Gordon was pissed today when TMZ posted video of Spears cavalierly driving her kids around Malibu.

In short, Spears did everything wrong … by doing nothing.”

Just so we’re clear, Britney Spears is too in love with herself to commit suicide. And now that she’s finally rid of her kids, life will be nothing but rainbow meadow jubilee of cigarettes, alcohol, and meth. And please, don’t bother telling me she cares about her kids. She handed them over to Kevin Federline a full two days earlier than the judge requested, then she went tanning. The only way Britney Spears dies will be by complete accident. Like if she chokes to death because she forgets to take the wrapper off her Double Six Dollar Burger or if somebody doesn’t remember to take the chicken bones out of her ice cream.

Here are the first shots of Britney after she learned she’d lost custody of her kids yesterday. Man, she just looks so heartbroken:

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