Hayden Panettiere Makes Death Threats

When she’s not telling Dorothy about the yellow brick road or preparing for the Olympics with the Russian gymnastics team, Hayden Panettiere spends her time threatening to kill people. Specifically, the person who wrote this article. TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello says:

Question: To help me cope with the fact that Heroes didn’t win anything, could you please tell me which Heroes heroine nearly came to blows with a reporter on the red carpet? – Danielle

Ausiello: Man, you guys are asking all the right questions this week. It’s almost like you can read my blog mind. Anyway, it was the unbreakable Hayden Panettiere who threatened to “kill” a staffer from Us Weekly over something she wrote about her in a recent issue….Just when it looked like Hayden was about to pull a Sylar on said reporter’s skull, her quick-thinking publicist grabbed her and scolded, “Not on the red carpet.” It was a classic Hollywood moment – and one I predict will be streaming all over the Internet by week’s end.”

Whoa, how frightening that must have been. I wouldn’t know what I’d do if Hayden Panettiere was screaming at me. Maybe I’d shake a rattle or do a funny face. Or maybe I’d heat up a bottle. Awww, the little thing is sooo grumpy!