Jessica Biel is a Serious Actress

Ready to shed her sexy image, Jessica Biel insists she is ready to be taken seriously as an actress and is willing to be ugly to get a good part. MTV reports:

I want to do everything,” [Jessica Biel] confessed. “I always want to try something completely different from what I just did. I would definitely love to take on something that is physically totally different from what I look like and what I’m used to doing, do something like a ‘Monster.’ It’s a dream,” she continued. “I have to push myself and try something I’ve never tried before, put myself out there, be vulnerable and really take a huge risk.”

Aww sweetie, how cute are you? You know I love you, but you may want to put yourself out there in some acting lessons first. And why even bother. Look at your ass? If you want to act so bad, turn around and act like you’re sticking it out. There ya go, a little more…a little more…see! You’re a natural!