Britney Spears is Still Insane

Believing that her career is being mismanaged and that people are trying to control her life, Britney Spears is now…wait for it…acting as her own business manager and publicist. There is a God. Page Six says:

She is doing all of her own business now.” Our spy saw Spears at Aspen on West 22nd Street yesterday afternoon “signing contracts” – possibly related to the recent deal she inked to open a Las Vegas club. The messy mother of two recently cut ties with her manager Larry Rudolf, her mother, and her publicist.”

Instead of picturing Britney projecting profits at the head of a conference table, picture a monkey flying a plane. This idiot can’t even dress herself, so this should be real fun. I’d put the over/under at about two weeks before we hear a leaked story about how Britney Spears invented electricity or the giraffe. Three weeks before she tells us her concert tour schedule and how we can buy our tickets at all participating Fatburgers.