Lindsay Lohan Has Great Friends

Here are more photos of Lindsay Lohan less than 24 hours after her DUI. The ugly butch next to Lindsay is her rumored lover, Samantha Ronson. Nice friend, huh? She drove a fucked up, passed out Lindsay Lohan to a gas station so the paparazzi could gather and get great shots of her under the glare of the bright lights. My friends are almost as nice as Samantha. I only wake up sore and naked with penises and testicles drawn on my face with Sharpies. But my friends are nice enough to take pictures of the night so they can show me how much fun I had, since I always forget. I don’t know, there’s just something really impersonal about the paparazzi chronicling it for you.

Update: TMZ was able to confirm Lindsay checked herself into rehab yesterday.


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