Spencer Pratt Wants Attention

Pretending to show concern for the well being for Paris Hilton, Spencer Pratt, star(?) of the MTV show, The Hills, has started an online petition to free Paris. He claims that, once he has 100,000 signatures, he will hand deliver it to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

I’ve always thought that the punishment should fit the crime. Paris has changed her image dramatically over the last couple years. Now she is such a good role model and a smart business woman. So it’s a shame that a miscommunication between her and her people is landing her in jail. She should get probation with community service, but no way should she be put in jail with real criminals.”

Yeah, whatever. Pratt is a rich douchebag who thinks he’s some kind of talent manager, but he can’t even manage his hair. The only thing he’s managed is a fugly ass girlfriend, so he should probably just shut the hell up. Not only does Paris Hilton deserve to go to jail, she deserves to go Brokedown Palace style. If there were any justice in the world, Paris would be treated like a retarded baby in Sparta.

Note: Besides, everyone knows our Paris Hilton petition is the only one out there that is professional enough to be taken seriously, so sign it!

Spencer, Heidi Montag and her brand new bolt-ons:



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