Demi Rose Dressed Up As Female Comic Book Characters Is Every Nerd’s Dream Come True

Photo: Instagram/Demi Rose

Well, regardless if you’re a nerd or not you can appreciate these glorious photos.

You can pretty much guarantee that we won’t let much time pass by without talking about Demi Rose again, and that’s because the 22-year-old just won’t stop sharing hot photos. And we’re glad she doesn’t stop. So while last week we were talking about her see-through dress, this time it’s all about Rose dressed up as female comic book characters.

Rose took it to Instagram to show off some photos from a shoot with photographer Condry Calvin Millo. Let’s first start off with this photo of Rose dressed up as the Scarlett Witch.

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And now take a look at Rose as Storm from “X-Men.”

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Rose even dressed up as Kitana, too.

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Superheroes can be very, very fun, right? Look how fun:

I think it’s only right we add a few more gems to this glorious post:

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h/t JoBlo

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