Jessica Biel Ass: Why We Love It

Photo: Robin Platzer (Getty Images)

Jessica Biel is among the most popular Hollywood stars today. You’ve probably seen her in The Illusionist starring opposite Edward Norton, in the remake of the A-Team, TV series The Sinner, but you really don’t care about it. All you guys care about is that Jessica Biel ass that seems so great yet so unattainable. We suppose that’s the whole beauty of it. That is why we’ve decided to pick a couple of our favorite photos and remind you all of that amazing behind she has. Of course, you will probably never go near it, but you can admire it from a distance. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Jessica Biel Ass


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Let us start with something of a definition. What is a Jessica Biel ass? Basically, it’s an ass that’s exceptional but subtle. Looking at her Instagram photos, you realize that Jessica is not the kind of person who shows off her behind at all times. In fact, you need to look hard to find all the photos that showcase it. In light of that, here is one of her photos from the Red Carpet where she subtly shows off her ass in plain sight. No one can look that good in that dress.

Jessica Biel Bikini


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We can already hear you say “yeah, but that’s Hollywood for you. Anyone can look good on the Red Carpet.” Well, that’s not true. In order to prove that point, here is a picture of Jessica in a bikini. How do we know it’s her? We don’t but, we put our faith in a hashtag. It looks like her from behind. No one can know that for sure, though, except Justin Timberlake. While we get in touch with him to verify, feel free to enjoy this pic that we believe depicts Jessica Biel ass.

Cowgirl Jessica


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Of course, we’ve decided to include this picture as well to stop you from thinking that the only thing amazing about this girl is the famous Jessica Biel ass. That’s just not true. She is a babe in many ways and this Instagram photo proves it. We could tell you about the origin of the pic, give you some background story, but who cares really.



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So, what’s her secret? Well, one of the answers to this question is certainly yoga. Doing yoga has made her quite flexible and elastic as you can see in this photo. Not only can she do a handstand (on her elbows though), but she can also read a book casually in a flamingo pose. Of course, she’s not reading Crime and Punishment or Ulysses, but it’s still quite a feat. Thankfully, we get another chance to see that Jessica Biel ass in action.

Jessica Biel Butt


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Let’s be honest, you’re here to see Jessica Biel ass and everything else is just a distraction, right? It’s really important to be honest, so we are going to reward that with some more (moving) pictures of that Jessica Biel ass and will even include the whole video if you don’t mind looking away whenever the obnoxious Adam Sandler appears.

So, what do you think about the Jessica Biel ass? Do you think it’s worth an entire article? Do you think you could handle more photos? Let us know in the comment section.


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