Clever Ways Celebrities Have Gotten Nudity Past Instagram Censorship

Photo: Ricky Vigil (Getty Images)

Before we begin, keep in mind one thing. When we say “clever ways,” we don’t actually mean clever. These are just ways celebrities have found to be effective in pushing their nudity on the Instagram. These photos will really make you question nudity in a philosophical sense – how much can you reveal and still appear decent? Which part of your body constitutes nudity? These are all fascinating subject, but we know that you don’t really care about it. You’re just here to see almost nude celebrities, are you? Just confess, we won’t hold it against you. So, let us begin then.

Kim Kardashian’s Nudity


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Obviously, the first person to talk to regarding this topic is the indestructible Kim Kardashian. Considering how she became famous for her sex tape that was “accidentally” leaked online, you can’t really say that Kim is among the shy celebrities. She is one of the pioneers of Instagram nudity, in a way, and we’ve selected one of her recent photos that shows that. In the photo, you can see her pretending to be a naked owl in a tree. Since it’s night, Kim decided to hide her nipples with a couple of stars (though they’re black, which makes no sense whatsoever). Yet, Instagram doesn’t really count this as nudity. Weird, eh?

Miley Syrus’ Yoga

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Posting nude photos of Miley is no challenge because pretty much everyone on the internet saw them both “accidentally” and on purpose. We cannot really say that they were sexy but, OK, we can’t speak for everyone. Anyways, because she’s already shown everything she’s got, she paused the nudity for a while and tried some alternatives. This is how she came up with this photo. She’s undoubtedly wearing clothes and even her dog is there so one could say it is a fairly innocent pic, right? Wrong. We can see pretty much everything thanks to her tight clothing and weird yoga pose, whether we want it or not. So, yes, that’s also not considered nudity.

Demi Rose’s Beach Chill

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Demi Rose is one of the most popular Instagram stars today. You’ve probably stumbled upon her at some point in your internet life, but haven’t really caught her name. Basically, 90 percent of her Instagram consists of nudity that somehow managed to slip through the website as decent. Of course, we don’t mind – we’re just wondering how she did it. Well, this one photo demonstrates her skills to show off nudity without showing it actually.

Ariel Winter’s Soapy Delight


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How about another TV star you probably don’t know by name? (yes, this article is actually educational.) Ariel Winter is that cute little geeky girl from Modern Family though you might not recognize her at first. In real life, she’s far from geeky and certainly not a girl anymore as this photo clearly proves. Apparently, you can also use soap as a censorship method and Instagram is quite alright with it. Never have we hated soap more than at this moment.

Aubrey O’Day’s Closeup


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If girl dance groups are your thing, you’ve probably heard of Danity Kane, a group made on MTV’s reality show Making the Band back in 2004. The group was signed by P. Diddy later on and it broke up in 2009. One of its most popular members, Aubrey O’Day quickly moved on. Now she is in a duo called Dumblonde, but let’s be honest – you really really don’t care about any of that. All you want is a picture of Aubrey O’Day wearing almost nothing. You can decide for yourself whether this is nudity or not.

Nicki Minaj’s Sailor Days

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We’ll end this article with Nicki Minaj who is quite famous for her daring look. According to her Instagram account, her nickname is Barbie. Does it mean she’s partially plastic? We don’t know and dare not ask. Anyways, this is what’s considered clothes nowadays – a bit of rope and some strategically placed knots. Instagram doesn’t believe it’s nudity. We disagree but are willing to let it slide.

So, do you think this is nudity or not? When does nudity begin and where does it end? What a mystery.