Our Picks For The Sexiest Woman Alive Over The Last 10 Years

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They do say that beauty is in the eye of a beholder, but some women are so objectively gorgeous that only a blind man could dispute their qualities. That is why we thought we’d go on a quest to find the sexiest woman alive and crown her on our highly influential (some would say trendsetting) website. So, where do we begin? Well, we’ve decided to focus on active celebrities we all know as posting pictures of our hot next-door neighbor without her permission doesn’t feel morally right. So, without further ado, here is our list.

Scarlett Johansson

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Let’s start things off with the incredibly beautiful Scarlett Johansson. Early on, she showed a lot of talent when it comes to acting, but it’s ultimately her incredible looks that made her incredibly famous. We’re not sure when did the transformation take place from a somewhat modest girl in Ghost World to a sex symbol that can arouse men just with her voice like, for example, in Her. Either way, we’re glad it happened as the world would be a lot less sexy without her. Just watch her character in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon and you’ll see what personification of sex looks like. She’ll be back in the new Avengers movie, so keep an eye out for this sexy black widow.

Rachel McAdams

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Rachel McAdams is one of the hottest and most talented young actresses out there. She started her career appearing on various TV shows, but she ultimately found herself in the world of film. The first flick where she really caught the eye of the movie-goers was the ridiculous comedy called Hot Chick. Women would say that she played the role perfectly in the Notebook but as no man has ever seen it, we can only guess that she did an alright job. Instead, a lot of guys noticed her as a cute, somewhat shy sister of the bride in Wedding Crashers opposite the underrated Vince Vaughn. She truly showed a bit of skin in the season 2 of True Detective. A lot of people dislike the season for its poor writing, but Rachel’s panties scene simply rectifies it instantly.

Margot Robbie

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Imagine a scenario where aliens come to our planet and threaten to annihilate us all unless we show them our most perfect specimen in every way. We wouldn’t have to think about it too much as the answer is quite obvious – Margot Robbie. This Australian beauty hasn’t been on the screen for too long, but she’s already managed to captivate most men and even women. Margot’s role in The Wolf of Wall Street made the whole 3-hour movie seem like it’s not a complete waste of time (that it actually is). Margot’s blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs and incredible figure seem far too unreal especially when they are connected with such a kind, fun-loving mind. Hiring Margot in a movie seems like a cheating move as it guarantees success. We hope to see more of Margot in the future (perhaps in a Suicide Squad spin-off?) as she truly is the closest to a goddess we can get.

Charlize Theron

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How do you top your choices on a list of the sexiest women alive when they are all incredibly beautiful in their own way? It’s hard but we must try. The next one on our list is the amazing Charlize Theron. This is an actress who showed us her talents many times throughout her career and doesn’t rely on her otherworldly beauty. Charlize was born in South Africa and has appeared in over 50 rather good movies. There is something quite badass about Charlize that makes her even more attractive in a way. Like, for example, she was discovered in LA by an acting agent who happened to be in the bank line with her as she was furiously arguing. He saw the talent (and probably her allure) and she quickly became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. If you’ve seen the Atomic Blonde, you know that, despite being in her 40s, Charlize is as hot as ever.

Kate Beckinsale

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We believe that every list should start and end with Kate Beckinsale (and probably include her somewhere in-between) but the writing conventions stop us from doing it. Kate really deserves the title of the sexiest woman alive and no one has the right to disagree. This beautiful brunette became famous for her roles in the Underworld franchise, various romantic comedies, and even some serious dramas. Not only is Kate one of the most beautiful women in the world, she also apparently knows a secret formula that prevents aging and has the sexiest posh British accent in the world. Combine it with her wicked English sense of humor and you got the perfect woman. Kate Beckinsale is 44 years-old but there’s no proof of it. The upcoming movie The Only Living Boy in New York, though a romantic drama, is worth seeing just for her.

We hope that you agree with our choice for the sexiest woman alive because if you don’t, there’s really nothing you can do about. Sure, you can post comments below and tell us your own thoughts, but they won’t affect Kate’s undeniable title.