Hottest British Actresses Right Now

Photo: Chris Weeks (Getty Images)

You really couldn’t say that the Brits are among the prettiest people in the world. Regardless of their impeccable sense of humor and dramatic abilities, their facial features tend to be quite peculiar. That being said, there are some British actresses that simply don’t adhere to this principle and are as gorgeous as they are witty. If you add that amazingly sexy British accent, what you get is pretty much a perfect woman. So, realizing that this list will be rather subjective, let’s see who are the sexiest British actresses right now.

Thandie Newton

First up is the amazing Thandie Newton. This 44-year-old actress has had quite a career behind her, appearing in over 40 movies over the years. The world first noticed her in the second part of the Mission: Impossible franchise, starring opposite Tom Cruise. People noted her real talent when she portrayed Christine in the movie Crash (not the one with James Spader) and Linda in the Pursuit of Happyness. Recently, we got to see quite a lot of her in the hit show Westworld, where she showed everyone that, despite being in her mid-40s, she is still one of the hottest British actresses.

Sienna Miller

Next up is the incredibly beautiful and talented Sienna Miller. People got to know her mainly due to her portrayal of Edie Sedgwick, one of Andy Warhol’s muses, in the 2006 film Factory Girl. Just two years before that, she appeared in the British crime film reminiscent of Guy Ritchie’s work by the name of Layer Cake as well as the remake of the famous Alfie movie, with the titular character being portrayed by Jude Law. Sienna’s gorgeous smile and blonde hair serve only emphasize her enormous talent and beautiful mind.

Alice Eve

Now we get to a somewhat new beauty that only recently managed to capture the attention of the world. Although Alice is as blonde as Sienna and probably equally beautiful, she also seems to have an air of British poshness around her, that is incredibly effective when contrasted with her down-to-Earth nature. Among her noted recent roles is certainly the one in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and the Raven, though the latter is one of the worst films in the history of cinema. Regardless of that, Alice Eve is quite irresistible in her every role.

Emilia Clarke

We move on to everyone’s favorite Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke. Truth be told, she did appear in some films like the Terminator reboot and the depressingly romantic Me Before You, but all of that seems irrelevant as most people know her for her appearance in the Game of Thrones. In real life though, Emilia is nothing like her authoritative and extremely dangerous character in the show. Her beauty actually lies in her coy personality, making everyone think that she is really just a normal, albeit beautiful girl.

Keira Knightley

Keira owes a lot of her popularity to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Thankfully for her, the franchise is 5-movies long and it’s unlikely it will stop anytime soon. Keira has had quite an interesting career, appearing in comedies, dramas, as well as romantic films like the famous Love Actually (starring opposite young Andrew Lincoln – Rick from the Walking Dead). Keira has quite a unique jaw, but she somehow manages to use it to her advantage. According to many people, she is certainly one of the prettiest and most talented British actresses right now.

Kate Beckinsale

Of course, what kind of a list would it be without the one and only Kate Beckinsale? This 44-year-old British actress seems to have a problem with aging. She can’t figure out how to do it. Even though she is nearing 50, she looks better than a number of her younger colleagues. Kate is not only beautiful and talented, but she also has that uniquely quirky sense of humor that only the Brits possess. If you were wondering where she might have appeared on screen, the answer would be – everywhere. Regardless of her role and script, you know that Kate will be stunning at least. The same can probably be said for her upcoming movie, The Only Living Boy in New York.

That is our list of the hottest British actresses active right now. What do you think about the list? Is there anyone you would add or remove? Everything is allowed except for Kate Beckinsale. She is not moving from the first place no matter what.