Who Is the Hottest Blonde Actress In Hollywood?

Photo: Jemal Countess(Getty Images)

It seems like every era of Hollywood entertainment has THE blonde actress which owns a couple of years by being the main subject of every men’s imagination. Marilyn Monroe being the obvious icon, while the 90s were dominated by Pamela Anderson even though she wasn’t the same type of actress the girls on this short list are. There is just something inexplicably attractive about blondes, that’s why they are always one of the hottest women in any industry, the movie, the sports, or the porn one.

Five Hottest Blonde Actresses in Hollywood

Photo: Amazon Studios

We’re sort of cheating by including a model-turned actress onto the list, but Abbey Lee has made too much noise in such a short time not to get mentioned. The Australian vixen was one of the wives from Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) and continued to land roles in big movies like The Neon Demon (2016), The Dark Tower (2017), and Gods of Egypt (2015). Not great movies, except for Fury Road, but those that had big expectations, to say the least. Yet she caught our attention, and the attention of casting directors, so we will be seeing more of her.

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There aren’t many women, if any, that resemble Amanda Seyfried, and that’s her main quality. This cute blonde actress is born in Pennsylvania and is of German and English descent. Despite being 31 she still seems almost like a teen, while still giving out the impression that she’s been under the lights for so long. The 5′ 2½” got her place on this list as she has a set of piercing, but kind, big eyes, and lips that plastic surgeons can’t imitate. An all-round beauty.