Hottest Celebrity Dominican Girls

Photo: Samir Hussein (Getty Images)

There is a good reason why girls of Hispanic origin are considered to be among the most beautiful women in the world. Their figures are naturally more voluptuous and their beauty is legendary, even without an ounce of makeup. All of this also applies to the Dominican girls, though their beauty is much more diverse. The skin tones in the Dominican Republic go from extremely fair to extremely dark and it just goes to show how beauty can come in absolutely all forms. Since we’re all visual beings and you won’t take our word for it, here are the pictures of some of the most beautiful Dominican girls in the world.

Julissa Bermudez

We’ll start things off with Julissa Bermudez, a famous TV show presenter, model and a lot more. Born in the DR, but raised in Queens, Julissa only had one thing in mind – to get famous and we’re so glad that she did. Being a theater major in her school, she early started auditioning for roles and model work. Her first breakthrough was the Coca-Cola commercial, which got her more work and propelled her to stardom. She hosted a number of shows on both MTV and other networks, and she finally got her own reality show in 2012 called Empire Girls: Julissa and Adrienne that follows her road to success.

Amelia Vega

Next up is Amelia Vega. This incredible beauty was, in fact, the first Dominican woman to ever hold the title of Miss Universe (as well as the record for being the tallest Miss Universe ever). She won the pageant back in 2003 and it seems like she hasn’t aged a day, despite having two children. Interestingly, her mother was also Miss DR in 1980, so you could say that she inherited the beauty from her mother, who happens to be a licensed pilot as well. Since her time as Miss Universe, Amelia has appeared in a couple of films and commercials and has started her successful musical career.

Jessica Pimentel

If you happen to be a fan of the show Orange Is the New Black, you probably know of Jessica Pimentel, a young, Brooklyn-born actress whose parents were immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Jessica owes her exotic beauty to her mixed heritage, that even includes some Native American blood. Besides this show, she’s also appeared in a number of other shows like the famous Law&Order and Jonathan Nolan’s exceptional Person of Interest. She is a great actress but is also undeniably gorgeous, which is something no one can deny, especially after looking at just a couple of her pictures.

Mirtha Michelle

While you may not have heard of Mirtha Michelle right now, we have a feeling you’ll be hearing from her a lot more in the future. This young actress has only done a couple of noted movies, the most famous being Fast & Furious from 2009, but she’s still waiting for her truly big break. Fortunately for us, while we wait to see more of her on the big screen, she has a lot of pictures on her Instagram profile (but just enough to keep us wanting more). Take a look for yourself.

Winifer Fernandez

Now, here’s a girl whose beauty isn’t her primary characteristic, but is still quite hypnotizing. Winifer Fernandez is a talented young volleyball player from the Dominican Republic who has taken the world by storm thanks to the YouTube video of her in action. No one can deny that she’s a skillful athlete who represents her country the best way she can, but she’s also incredibly attractive, with an amazing body and gorgeous face. Of course, here is the video as well.

Michelle Rodriguez

Whenever there’s a need for a tough but beautiful girl in a film, Michelle Rodriguez gets a call, and for a good reason. Over the years, Michelle has appeared in around 40 movies, playing both lead and supporting female characters who, inevitably, kick some ass. She’s acted in many Fast & Furious films, becoming a trademark character, as well as in James Cameron’s epic Avatar and Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. She’s currently working on a couple new projects, so expect to see her on the screen soon.

Is there anyone else you’d like to add to the list? Feel free to let us know who your favorite Dominican girls are.