Volleyball Player Winifer Fernandez Breaks Internet With Hot Highlights Video

Screenshot: YouTube

I’m sure not many of you rush out there to catch some indoor volleyball, but that’s probably because you don’t know about Winifer Fernandez, the volleyball player who is making everyone a huge indoor volleyball fan.

Winifer is a 21-year-old volleyball player for the Dominican Republic, and she can be see at the Rio Summer Olympics in a couple of weeks. But since we are all impatient and want our fix now, take a look at some of Winifer’s highlights.

Do you get why everyone is talking about her now?

So now that you’ve seen that video and are now an avid volleyball fan for life, take a look at more of Winifer thanks to her Instagram:

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And now here are three more reasons to enjoy this beautiful game that is volleyball.

Screenshot: YouTube

Screenshot: YouTube

Screenshot: YouTube

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