10 Ring Girls That Will Blow You Away

While most fans go to fighting matches to see some blood, gore, broken bones and swollen earlobes, those rare few keep their eyes on the actual stars of the night – the ring girls. These beautiful creatures appear usually between the rounds and inform the audience which round they’re going to observe. So, not only are they gorgeous, they actually help us follow the match more closely and comprehensively. But who are these girls and where do they come from? Since we can’t cover them all (wish we could), here is our selection of the 10 most ravishing ring girls in the world. Get ready.

Melissa Riso

At the start of our list is the California-born model and actress Melissa Riso. She began her career as a hair stylist and a makeup artist, then turned to modeling and acting. You may have seen her in some of Pharell Williams’ videos without even realizing it, but that’s just a start. Right now, she’s taking acting classes to help her acting career and possibly grant her entrance to the almighty Hollywood. Looking at her pictures, though, it doesn’t seem like she’ll have any trouble getting in. She’s also been training Krav Maga, so along with her looks, she’ll be a true femme fatale.

Jessa Hinton

The next beauty on our list is the amazing Jessa Hinton, who has been around the ring for years now. A lot of the fans remember the long-legged blonde whose presence easily charms a room full of blood-thirsty men within seconds. Nowadays, she’s taken on a slightly different look (we mean her hair) but her amazing figure remains as breathtaking as ever. If you need some additional proof that you’re indeed looking at a first-class hottie, keep in mind that she was Playboy playmate in 2011.

Syllvia Andrade

Of course, we had to include a Brazillian girl on the list because everyone knows they’re absolutely gorgeous. Therefore, here’s one ring girl you’re probably familiar with if you’ve ever watched the Brazillian promotion – Jungle Fight. She was one of the most popular ring girls and often amazed men with her alluring hourglass figure. Syllvia is a great representative of the exotic South American beauty (and weirdly spelled names) and a beautiful ring girl that makes every match a delight.

Kyra Keli

If you like your ring girls to be extremely talented and versatile, look no further than Kyra Keli. This beautiful New York-born girl is an actress as well as a singer. She does modeling for a living and keeps her body fit by doing Capoeira (basically a form of martial art that emphasizes dance-like moves). In addition to that, Kyra can fly on a trapeze, according to her Twitter page and we’re keen on believing her. “Why?” you might ask. Well, mostly because she looks like an absolute goddess and we have pictures to prove it.

Corissa Furr

How many people do you know that come from Frederick, Maryland? Well, now you know at least one. Corissa Furr is a small town girl with big ambitions that managed to rise to the top, becoming an actress, a model, and a recognizable ring girl. She’s spent her career surrounded by movie stars (for example in the TV show Entourage) and various fighters (like the ones in the show UFC Ultimate Insider). The best thing about her though is that small-town modesty that still managed to remain in her in spite of the great look.

Brittney Palmer

Speaking of ring girls with horribly spelled names, there’s Brittney Palmer. Despite the unfortunate linguistic characteristic, Brittney is a gorgeous ring girl that has it all. She has a pretty face, enchanting eyes, great body and she is an artist. Ste studied art at the UCLA and is a legit painter drawing inspiration from pop culture and sports legends. She currently works as an Octagon girl host in the UFC, but she plans on expanding to other fields soon. Until we see her again, we get to enjoy the multitude of her amazing photos.

Rosie Roff

For the top of our list, we’ve chosen Rosie Roff, a British babe that is so famous for being a ring girl, she even has her Wikipedia page (amazing, right?). Roff was discovered via Instagram and when you consider how many amazing photos she has, it’s really no wonder. It is said that Rosie Roff is the highest earning ring girl in the world as she’s also participated in one of the highest grossing matches – Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. There is really no reason to describe her anymore when her pictures speak for themselves. Take a look.

Which one of these ring girls is your favorite? What makes her so special? Let us know in the comment section below.