Cambridge University’s Annual ‘Best Bum’ Competition Is Underway

Photo: Tab / SWNS

Those of you unfamiliar with the fact that a similar competition went on last year via the University of Cambridge student newspaper The Tab, allow us to fill in the cracks. While Cambridge may be known first and foremost the world over for its academia — the acceptance rate last year was just 21 percent — the name might now take on a different ass-ociation due to students whipping off their clothes and posing in public places for the annual “Best Bum” competition.

University of Cambridge “Best Bum” Competition Contestants:

The top 18 butts — both men and women — have been released on The Tab’s website for your viewing, and voting, pleasure. We only included a few sexy female backsides here, but feel free to browse them all at the link provided. Don’t make the same mistake nearly half of Americans did a few weeks back. Get out there and vote! These students’ butts are depending on it.

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