The Nolan Twins Are The Best Set Of Twins You’ll See

Every guy enjoys hot twins, which is why the Sweet Valley Twins are a pair we really, really can’t seem to get enough of. But you know what? There are more twins out there — like the Nolan twins.

Liz and Julia Nolan are 24-year-old sisters from Miami who are most known for appearing on the seventeenth season of Big Brother. Now, we don’t watch nor do we care about that show, but something tells us we would have enjoyed that season very much so on account of these sexy ladies. The pair appeared on the show as one character named “Liz” and they would switch out after a few days. After the fifth eviction, however, they began playing as two separate characters.

In conclusion: Who cares? You came here for some hot photos. Check out the Nolan twins thanks to the Instagram they share:

The Nolan Twins Instagram Photos












(Pictures via Instagram)

h/t The Chive

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