A non-specific calendar has the word "Sex therapist" written in red. As important as any other kind of therapy and worth making time for.

You May Want To Pay A Visit To Sex Therapist Dr. Cat Meyer

Photo: RapidEye (Getty Images)

Instead of focusing on a very attractive Instagram model like we usually do (with no hesitation), this time around we want to focus on someone who is doing more than just sharing hot photos on social media. This person is actually going out of her way to improve folks…and their sex lives.

Dr. Cat Meyer, who on Instagram goes by @Sexloveyoga, is a Los Angeles-based Sex Therapist, who combines yoga with reiki and psychology and aims to heal. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that Meyer is quite the looker.

Meyer also has a podcast called “Eat. Play. Sex.” Here she teams up with nutritionist and hormone expert, Diane Kazer to talk about sex, health and more. So clearly Meyer has an interest and passion in sex. And here at Mandatory we support such passions.

Meyer currently has over 10K followers on Instagram, and now let’s see why that is:

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And now enjoy this: