Lindsey Vonn’s Dog Chewed Up Her Workout Pants And Can You Say Best Dog Ever?

For whatever reason, Marv Albert and dogs like to chew on things. Hell, the first night I slept over at my wife’s apartment, her purse dog almost chewed through one of the straps on my brand new North Face backpack, and I was obviously none to pleased about the incident.

Well, Lindsey Vonn‘s dog also likes to chew on shit from time to time, and this week, her pooch decided it was a good time to gnaw on a pair of her workout pants. Surprisingly, that didn’t stop Vonn from wearing them to her workout anyway:

A photo posted by Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn) on

Um, good boy?

Naturally, a fair amount of comments left on Vonn’s Instagram page were beyond pervy and likely would have given Mother Teresa a heart attack if she was still ticking. Like these two, for example:

Yeah, if you’re apologizing to your mom before you hit send, don’t hit send, buddy.

h/t Barstool Sports

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