Rapper Quentin Miller Says He Is Not Drake’s Ghostwriter

Wimbledon Today

Rapper Quentin Miller recently took his tumblr account to clear up any misunderstandings regarding the fact that people have speculated that he’s one of Drake’s ghostwriters.

He writes: “I watched him write/ replace bars 2- 3 at a time on 6pm in NY.. I witnessed him light up, go in and freestyle madonna…. I took notes from the best in the game…. I remember him Showing me the thank you notes in NY before the album dropped.. Showing me the QM, telling me they put me on the credits (Ghostwritter???) … He attached  my name to something that touched the world.. When nobody would pay attention, drake saw something in me and reached out… Of all people… drizzy.. I am not and never will be a “ghostwriter” for drake.. Im proud to say that we’ve collaborated .. but i could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together ..”

Miller has songwriting credits on a number of Drake tracks, including “R.I.C.O.” and five songs on Drake’s latest project, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Media outlets have explained that the allegations of Miller ghostwriting for Drake stem from tweets that came from a third rapper, Meek Mill out of Philadelphia, who stated that Drake “don’t write his own raps.”

Meanwhile, Miller released a new track, “Lies,” amidst the controversy, as did Drake – he’s been subtly taking digs at Meek Mill through his songs, the latest being from “Back to Back” where he sings, “You love her then you gotta give the world to her. Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour? I know that you gotta be a thug for her. This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.” Drake is referencing the fact that Mill is on tour with Nicki Minaj as one of her opening acts (the two are also allegedly romantically involved). Mill was booed by fans when recently playing in Drake’s hometown of Toronto.

Photo: Rocky/WENN.com