Drake Let A Guy Piss On Him

If for some reason you haven’t heard by now, a Jewish Canadian named Aubrey (Drake) and Nicki Minaj’s bf (Meek Mill) are in the 2015 equivalent of a rap beef. Meek Mill called out Drake for not promoting his album then said Drake uses a ghostwriter. Drake responded with two weak diss tracks (it’s 2015, remember), which we’re all calling “diss tracks” because Tupac hasn’t dropped anything in a while and Jay-Z doesn’t really need to make them anymore, but mostly because in hip hop today, it’s easy to jump over the bar that was set when Iggy Azalea win awards in your genre. So after Drake dropped his, Meek Mill responded with a wack ass track of his own but it  ended with You let TIP homie piss on you in a movie theater, we ain’t forget.” Translation:  TI’s friend peed on Drake in a movie theater. This is a thing that actually happened.

Our sources say, it all went down in 2010, during a private screening of “Takers” on the Sony lot … a movie in which Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Chris Brown and T.I. all starred in. Drake attended the screening and, 30 minutes in, jumped up screaming and ran out of the theater. We’re told a dispute erupted over who was sitting where … apparently Drake and one of T.I.’s childhood friends got into it. The friend got pissed, and pissed on Drake. We’re told Drake ran out of the theater, screaming “motherf*****.”

Comedian Lil Duval confirmed it on Twitter last night before deleting his tweets. So, Drake got pissed on, then was running through the aisle with his woes. The woes in this case being that he was covered in urine. Drake ran out screaming like Wheelchair Jimmy found a miracle cure instead of doing what black people have done for decades before that too was culturally appropriated by white people: shooting up a movie theater. So in conclusion, the man Kanye West says is the best rapper alive, even though Kanye is alive, once got peed on by a dude in front of a bunch of people then ran away. What a wonderful time to be alive.