“The WBO has the utmost respect for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and all that he has accomplished during his storied career, and [he] has always agreed with and understood that World Championships have both privileges and responsibilities and that status as WBO Champion is subject to and conditioned on compliance with the WBO Rules.”

Mayweather, who holds a 48-0 boxing record, has two weeks to file an appeal against the decision. Leonard Ellerbe, Mayweather Promotions’ CEO, has already told ESPN that the ruling is a “complete disgrace”.

“Floyd Mayweather has a great deal of respect for each and every organization, as he has always had in his 19-year career, but he will not be dictated to by any organization or person as it relates to his decision making,” Ellerbe said.

Despite the pre-match hype, Mayweather and Pacquiao’s May fight was deemed disappointing by a number of athletes and celebrities.

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