The Top 12 Blu-rays (and VOD) of May 2015


May didn’t have many big ticket titles that I knew had to be on this list. The biggest new release was Fifty Shades of Grey which, come on. Yet the May list still grew beyond 10 as I checked out the interesting niche releases and was rather impressed by them.

We’re also right on the cusp of June and I don’t want to have to wait until the end of June to tell you about Focus which is available June 2. The Will Smith con artist thriller has a crackling script, and a crackling Blu-ray that ranges from noirish lighting to bright pastel colors. It’s fitting the film can balance multiple looks, as its characters play multiple personas.

The Wire: The Complete Series is also out June 2, and despite the widescreen reformatting controversy, it looks solid when blown up to 54”.

That’s what you have to look forward to next month. Here are the 12 Blu-ray and VOD titles I’m mentioning for May. 

The Top 12 Blu-rays (and VOD) of May 2015:

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