The Top 11 Blu-rays and Digital Movies of September 2015

All the summer movies are coming out on Blu-ray now, or even earlier on digital. Part of their incentive for foregoing physical media is you can have access to the digital streaming version a few weeks earlier. Both Blu-ray and HD streaming services like Vudu are high enough quality that they really can compare to our theatrical experiences, if they’re done right that is. That’s why we rank the Top 10 Blu-rays and digital releases of the month, including some catalog titles and box sets.

(One omission may be the new 25th anniversary edition of Goodfellas, which wasn’t available before press time. But 4K is 4K. We’d certainly be surprised if they gave Goodfellas a 4K transfer and it was just “meh.”)

The Top 11 Blu-rays/Digital Movies of September 2015:

Top Photo: Warner Bros.

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