Texas Floods Trapped Rockets Fans After Game 4 Win Over Warriors

A 128-115 game 4 win over the Golden State Warriors couldn’t lift the Houston Rockets fans high enough to be freed of the flood waters that rose Monday night when torrential downpours roared through the Houston area. Some fans were able to brave the currents, yet many wisely stayed behind at the Toyota Center, where Dwight Howard also remained, and waited out the onslaught of the elements.

Howard went out and interacted with the fans who were stranded, and his son took part in the fun as well. The Toyota Center remained hospitable even until today, serving breakfast to those who were still stuck there.

Head on over to NESN to see video and some Tweets of the flooding near the stadium. If you’re in Texas and you’ve been hit by rains and flooding, stay safe, and don’t push your luck. Water doesn’t care about you and will silently and mercilessly take you right along with it.

Photo: Twitter


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