New Lakers Contract May Lead to Reality Show for Dwight Howard


Dwight Howard has a lot to consider this off season as he entertains potential new contract offers to play for teams around the league. But resigning with the Los Angeles Lakers may come with a unique extra benefit.

The Houston Rockets are reportedly clearing cap money for Howard, who allegedly asked them to add a third superstar if he signs with them. The Golden State Warriors are supposedly interested, but are a long way away from being able to afford Howard.

But only one team may be able to offer Howard a television show. Crave's NESN website reported Monday Time Warner Cable may be interested in offering Howard a reality show IF the All-Star center signs a new contract with the Lakers and stays in L.A.

We likely won't know until July 10 when players can officially sign contracts, but Crave will let you know if and when the TV dial becomes crowded with yet another reality show.