Xbox One To Flex Its Media Muscles This Year With TV DVR Function


We all love our TV shows. Don’t deny it. You know you have your one show (at least) that’s your vice. 

The problem nowadays, is that between working and maintaining a social life befitting of a millennial, you just don’t have time to watch your most favorite TV show in the whole wide world when it actually airs on television in its predetermined time slot. You’ve got better things to do at 9pm on a Thursday night than sit in your pajama pants and baggy t-shirt while anxiously awaiting the next episode of Blacklist. You’ve got that shit on “record” while you’re over at a friend’s place playing strip poker or strip twister or I don’t know…strip something-or-other. Whatever you kids are doing.

Moral of the story is, everyone’s favorite Halo and Forza machine will likely be getting an update later this year that will finally allow actual DVR function so you can fill up that hard drive faster than a fraternity newbie failing at a kegstand. 

Considering that the Big M advertised the Xbox One as the only freaking media device you’d need in your living room (it has an HDMI in port, for crying out loud), it’s nice to see that they might actually be taking this next step very seriously. They did launch the media remote last year, after all. So there was at least that demonstration of intent in terms of living room inter-device connectivity and management. They’ve got you hooked on using and controlling the console, along with everything it’s connected to, so the next logical step is to have all media consumption piped right on through it, too. Why not, eh?

(via The Verge)