Your First Look at Jamie Bell as The Thing in ‘Fantastic Four’


Josh Trank’s upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise is simultaneously the most scrutinized and overlooked superhero movie on the horizon. On the one hand, every seemingly weird decision so far has been cause for concern, like turning Doctor Doom into a blogger, or releasing the most boring superhero movie poster we’ve seen in years. But on the other hand, the hype machine doesn’t seem to be going in full force, with stills, trailers and information eking slowly onto the internet, with little fanfare of any kind. Some audiences don’t even seem to know a new Fantastic Four movie is coming out. That’s how quiet it’s been.


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But we’ll give credit where credit is due: they seem to have done at least one thing right. Specially, The Thing. Jamie Bell plays the monstrous heart of The Fantastic Four in the movie, and today we have our first clear look at what he’s become. The image above comes courtesy of Empire (who also have two more exclusive stills), and it appears to be the best-looking, and most faithful adaptation of the ever-loving blue-eyed Thing we’ve seen on camera so far.

What do you think? Did this Thing Ring do its thing? And are you finally getting excited to see Fantastic Four in theaters this summer, on August 7, 2015?



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