SXSW 2015 Interview: Molly Ringwald & Ally Sheedy Revisit ‘The Breakfast Club’

Molly Ringwald is blonde. So that happened, but it’s not the most revealing thing about our interview with Ringwald and Ally Sheedy in Austin. SXSW screened the new Blu-ray of The Breakfast Club for its 30th anniversary release (now available). CraveOnline got to chat with Ringwald and Sheedy about the John Hughes classic about five high schoolers in detention on Saturday. 


CraveOnline: Did the cast of The Breakfast Club keep in touch like The Breakfast Club never did after that day in detention?

Ally Sheedy: It’s been on and off. Everybody went off and had their lives. Molly and I became parents so a little later on. I think at first our paths were crossing a bit more.

Molly Ringwald: Yeah.

Ally Sheedy: And then things changed and I’m in touch with Molly on and off, but I miss her when I’m not.

Molly Ringwald: It always feels like not a lot of time has passed when we see each other again, but we all have gone our different ways.

The Breakfast Club PosterThe poster is so iconic. Were there other shots considered or did you pose for others?

Ally Sheedy: Yeah, we did a whole day. Annie Leibovitz shot the poster and we did a whole maybe two days with her. There were some shots against the lockers I remember and they used that in publicity but this was the only poster that I ever saw.

Whose idea was it for Molly to lie down in front of the other four?

Molly Ringwald: I don’t remember.

Ally Sheedy: Annie.

Molly Ringwald: Was it? Was it Annie?

Ally Sheedy: Yeah, Annie was putting us in [position].

I always wish there was an angle on Claire’s father when she’s making out with Bender after detention.

Molly Ringwald: I know, me too. I thought the same thing yesterday.

So you’ve thought of that too. How do you think he’s reacting?

Molly Ringwald: [Laughs.]

Ally Sheedy: Fuming.

Molly Ringwald: Probably. I think he’s probably just confused. That character just seems sort of befuddled, bewildered.