Gold Mario Amiibo Bundle Only Available at Walmart, According to Ad

Fans hoping for the Gold Mario amiibo to come with Mario Party 10 this March will have to shop at Walmart to get it, it seems. One Twitter user posted a picture of  Walmart advertisement claiming the golden edition of the bundle is “Only at Walmart.”

Much of the reaction to this news has been the same as the above tweet. It’s chaos among Nintendo fans.

Also potentially on the radar is the recently leaked Silver Mario amiibo, which could be bundled with another retailer. While this is sure to satiate some Nintendo fans, the rest of the fan base is clearly still reeling from the publisher’s gross mishandling of its entire amiibo supply chain.

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After announcing that 5.7 million amiibos were sold in 2015, Nintendo clearly hasn’t gotten the message that these things are more popular than they originally anticipated. Cutting off half of the new supply to one retailer can only further the problem. While Nintendo is only considering upping production, it’s hard to believe they will be in the considering phase much more.

The Wii U and the games for it, although critically well-received, have not been hot sellers, so Nintendo appears to have very little to lose by making more of what is clearly a hot-ticket item.