Watch An Inside Look At Powers

After over a decade of development in Hollywood, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s comic book series Powers is finally heading to live action in less than a month.

Powers is the very first Playstation Network original drama series, and it could potentially pave the way for more scripted content on Playstation. Sharlto Copley stars in the series as Christian Walker, a former superhero who reinvents himself as a homicide detective after the devastating loss of his powers. Susan Heyward plays Walker’s partner, Deena Pilgrim.

Powers is takes place in a world where superhuman activity is commonplace. And most of the people with superpowers use them selfishly. There are superheroes, but the villains with powers are much more dangerous and ruthless. In this show, it’s up to Walker and Pilgrim to investigate Powers related cases without the benefit or protection of superhuman abilities.

Ahead of Powers’ debut in March, Playstation Network has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette called An Inside Look At Powers. In this video, series stars Copley, Heyward, Michelle Forbes, Adam Godley, Noah Taylor and Eddie Izzard share their thoughts and insights about the series alongside Powers co-creators Bendis and Oeming as well as executive producer Charlie Huston.

Powers will debut on Playstation Network on March 10.