Susan Heyward’s Powers

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

You might not know this but in 2015, PlayStation decided to break new grounds and produce their own TV show called Powers. It was based on a Marvel comic (obviously) and was basically a cop procedural show with superheroes. One of its stars was the young and beautiful Susan Heyward. Considering how she’s a fairly new star we don’t know that much about, we thought we’d go through her Instagram profile and try to find out what some of her superhero powers might be. Yes, we know it was just a TV show, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something supernatural about her. Let’s see.

Radiant Smile


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We’ll start this off with something that seems fairly obvious and that some might not consider a superpower – Susan Heyward’s radiant smile. However, just by looking at this picture of her obviously literal radiant smile, you can see that it is indeed a superpower. She even wears a special cap that hides her identity and protects her from evil attacks. You might ask – but why doesn’t she use a mask like any other sensible superhero? Well, it’s simple. She’s pretty and wants the world to know it.

Poisonous Lips


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Then there are, of course, those amazing poisonous lips that can take out any enemy with just a simple tongueless kiss. This is not as useful as it sounds because her lips are purple anyway which weirds out most of her adversaries. Well, every superpower comes with a burden, so the color must be hers. The other person on the photo is her sidekick, also known as Whoopi Blueberg.

Seductive Look


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If all else fails, Susan Heyward pulls out the big guns – her beautiful eyes. Most of the time, she wears sunglasses so that there wouldn’t be any innocent casualties when she’s casually strolling down the street. However, when she really wants to hypnotize someone, she just lowers her glasses and gives him that ice-cold look. In a matter of seconds, he succumbs and becomes her slave forever. Cool superpower, eh?

War Child


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What most people don’t realize is that being a superhero is no easy task. Sure, it’s fun to fly around, save people and be mentioned in all the newspapers tomorrow, but on the street, things are a lot grittier. Susan Heyward is not indestructible and has had quite a few close encounters over the years. In this photo, you can see the nasty scar she got when she was fighting the aliens from a planet a couple of galaxies away that were planning to enslave us all. Susan, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Scorching Kicks


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Although she rarely gets a chance to use them nowadays, her greatest move is, no doubt, Scorching Kicks. The superheroine, Susan Heyward, actually has the ability to heat up her legs at an incredible speed and then blast her enemies away with a heatwave. Because of this, Susan stopped wearing shoes. She ruined so many while fighting evil and helping the world. It’s a modern-day tragedy.

Undercover Susan Heyward


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Most of her days, however, Susan spends pretending to be a regular girl by the name of Susan Heyward, who happens to be an actress. As you can see from the photo, she seems like a normal, cute girl that is in no way a superheroine. Only a few people know the power that hides behind that innocent face. Now you’re one of them.

What do you think is Susan Heyward’s greatest power? Why?