Richard LaGravenese Talks ‘The Last Five Years’ on The B-Movies Podcast


Oscar-nominee Richard LaGravenese stops by The B-Movies Podcast this week for a very special, in-depth interview about his acclaimed new musical The Last Five Years. You know his work from The Fisher KingThe RefBeautiful Creatures and Unbroken, and now he’s back with an adaptation of the award-winning Off-Broadway musical by Jason Robert Brown, starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and Jeremy Jordan (Smash). It’s one of this year’s big Valentine’s Day releases, and CraveOnline praised the hell out of it at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival.


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Your hosts William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold are on hand to grill Richard LaGravenese about his adaptation of The Last Five Years, how he came to cast Anna Kendrick before anybody knew she could sing, the one song in the film that originally stymied him, and why he refused to make this film in the studio system. Richard LaGravenese also reflects on why he thinks Beautiful Creatures wasn’t a hit, how his script to Unbroken got lost on the way to the big screen, and much, much more.


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