PornHub Visits Dramatically Increased in Boston Following Patriots’ Super Bowl Win

Some *cough* “interesting” stats have emerged following the Super Bowl XLIX that indicate just how people *cough cough* “celebrated” following the New England Patriots’ win on Sunday. 

According to data collected by Pornhub, viewing numbers on the porn site dropped during the game, though following the Patriots’ win traffic numbers in Boston were 33% higher than usual. By comparison, viewing numbers dropped in Seattle during the same time period, though only increased by 14% following the events of the game. 

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Pornhub also revealed that traffic increased slightly during Katy Perry’s halftime show. I guess Left Shark was simply too much for people to handle without them relieving themselves.

Here’s a graphic detailing the traffic changes by country:

While here’s another highlighting the traffic changes by state:

During the game traffic dropped in Seattle and Boston by around 53%, though the rest of the world seemingly wasn’t interested in the game as international Pornhub visits remained largely the same.

So there you go, Seahawks fans – you know have the factual evidence to justify branding Patriots fans wankers.

Header Image: Getty Images


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