Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Intro Transformed Into An 8-Bit Pixel Tribute

simpson pixels

It’s the intro you think you’ve memorized by heart since it first aired in the early 90s. That was until a pair of Aussie animators came along and transformed Springfield and the cast of “The Simpsons” into an 8-bit piece of pixelated art.

Pixel artists Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon joined together to create the ‘Simpsons Pixels’, a full-length unofficial tribute to “The Simpsons” opening title sequence in the style of an old-school arcade game with a retro synthesized remake of the show’s tune from Jeremy Dower.

Having already attracted more than half a million hits since its YouTube debut on the February 1, Simpsons Pixels takes fans through a streamlined scene by scene replication of “The Simpsons” theme, including Bart’s skateboard route through Springfield and Marge and Maggie’s grocery shopping adventure, building up to a strange and spectacular finale.

Photo: YouTube.