Sony Online Entertainment Sold to Investment Firm

Sony has sold Sony Online Entertainment, the development studio most famous for Everquest, Planetside and the current H1Z1, to a New-York-based investment firm.

The firm, Columbus Nova, will continue to develop the Sony Online Entertainment’s titles under the name “Daybreak Game Company.” It being outside of Sony’s umbrella means its free to develop games on Xbox. This was more-or-less confirmed by President of Daybreak John Smedley, who posted on twitter “can’t wait to make Xbox One games!”

The developers were excited about the multi-platform possibilities, citing the desire to move their game development forward with new and continued IPs, according to their statement.

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Sony’s reasoning behind the sale is unclear. It’s possible Columbus Nova just made an attractive offer, but the terms of the deal have not been disclosed. More likely, the disappointment stemming from DC Universe Online and lukewarm reaction to H1Z1 had Sony thinking they were better off selling it for parts.

Some are speculating that this is a omen of ill-fate for SOE, which would make sense for a company that saw significant layoffs in 2013. Tthe only message Daybreak Game Company is sending is “full speed ahead”.


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