Leaked Images Reveal Cancelled Jurassic World Survival Game in the Style of DayZ

We’ve always wanted a proper Jurassic Park game. While many developers have tried to replicate the action and tension of the Spielberg movies, all we’ve been left with is a disappointing Telltale Games episodic series, innumerable ridiculous spin-off games on old consoles (Jurassic Park: Warpath, anyone?) and that ambitious-but-awful Trespasser game on the PC. 

Now a batch of leaked images have seemingly revealed that a Jurassic World tie-in game was planned by the now defunct Cryptic Studios Seattle, starring a realistic rendition of actor Chris Pratt and being based upon survival games such as DayZ and H1Z1.

The leak was reported by a Jurassic World fansite (via PC Gamer), with documents discovered by the site revealing a selection of very credible looking images and video footage. While the video footage has since been deleted by the site, it’s available to watch on YouTube (though we suspect this won’t last for long):

And here’s some screenshots revealing what the game’s dinosaurs would have looked like:

According to the leaked information, the game wasn’t cancelled as a result of it being poor quality, but  rather because the studio behind it was shut down before it could launch. It’s also claimed that the game wasn’t going to be a full retail release, but that it would’ve instead been downloadable via Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

The comparisons to DayZ and H1Z1 are intriguing, though as highlighted in the above video, players would have still assumed the role of Chris Pratt rather than an anonymous human fighting for survival in a dino-infested apocalyptic world. It’s likely that the game would’ve been single-player, then, but would have borrowed some of the survival aspects from those two games.

Though the LEGO Jurassic World game has garnered a lot of praise, many would still like to see a game released that is more closely tied with the film series and which doesn’t feature dinosaurs made out of bricks. It looks like Cryptic Studios Seattle were well on their way to creating this game, but were unfortunately closed down before they had the chance to release it.


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