Sundance 2015 Interview: Corin Hardy on ‘The Hallow’ & ‘The Crow’

The Hallow Horror Movie

CraveOnline: Is there more to the mythology that can be revealed in future entries of The Hallow?

Corin Hardy: Absolutely. If you stuck through the credits.

I did.

Then you see that there’s a little idea, completion of the story and start of a potential new one which I will let your readers and viewers decide what they think could happen, but it’s all in there.

We talked a lot about horror movies, but when it comes to comic book movies, the original Crow came at a time when the only comic book movies they were making were Superman and Batman. Now that comic books are such the language of cinema, is it a different thing to do an underground comic of the type of The Crow?

I think exactly that. Superman, the original, is still such a great comic book movie and also Tim Burton’s Batman I really love. But with the technology and the way we can visualize the superheroes, The Crow is like the outsider one that I find cool.

So there can still be an outsider in this world?

Yeah, he’s in his own [space]. He’s obviously not part of Marvel or DC. He’s in his own setting. 

The Hallow is your first film. Have you made shorts?

Yes, if you co on my website, it’s You’ll find music videos. Most of my music videos are little short films, and there’s a bunch of shorts. You can also see Butterfly which is the 30 minute stop motion animation that it took me five years to make. Locked myself in a shed and created everything from scratch.

With a film camera?

With a 16mm film camera with no visual effects or CG. Everything was built by hand from scratch. I involved a number of people I knew and favors. It was a very handmade process, stop motion puppet animation.

If we watch those shorts will we be able to tell it’s from the director of The Hallow?

I’m pretty sure you would. I’d love anyone to check out Butterfly, check out the videos and see what you think.


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