CES 2015: 18.5 Million PS4s Have Been Sold Worldwide Since Launch

If you were wondering just how many PS4s Sony has sold since the console’s launch, then the answer is “a lot.” Today the company has revealed that they have shifted 18.5 million units worldwide of their new console, solidifying its position as the most popular system of this current generation thus far.

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The milestone was recorded on January 4th, 2015, and comes after a difficult couple of weeks for Sony after they were forced to go into damage control mode after Christmas DDoS attacks saw PSN go offline. This news also comes after the NPD sales figures which revealed that the Xbox One had beaten sales of the PS4 in November, the first time that Microsoft’s console made it to the top spot since its own launch.

Despite this, it seems that PlayStation Plus received a healthy boost of new members over the Holiday period, with Sony also announcing that the service’s number of subscribers has risen to 10.9 million, a big increase from the 7.9 million subscribers recorded in October 2014. It seems that the DDoS attacks didn’t drive many people away.

That’s a lot of PS4s, but wil Sony’s latest console ever best the PS2’s record-breaking sales?


The PS4 is raking in big numbers, then, but it’ll still has a difficult road ahead of it if Sony continues to insist that it can beat the PS2’s record-breaking sales. The PS2, which ranks as the best-selling console of all town, shifted 150 million units worldwide before it was discontinued, a feat which the PS4 will struggle to achieve given that the lifespan of this generation of consoles is predicted to be shorter. If Sony continues to sell the PS4 at this rate, though, then it could be in with a chance – especially when its inevitable price drop comes around.


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