Ubisoft Announces New Far Cry 4 DLC “Escape from Durgesh Prison”

Exactly one month after the release of Far Cry 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (as well as last-gen machines), Ubisoft has revealed details for the game’s much-rumored co-op DLC pack, slated for release on January 13th. Titled Escape from Durgesh Prison, the DLC will have players “complete a series of challenges while racing against the clock to earn themselves a spot on the leaderboards.” 

The news comes via UbiBlog, where it is also noted that “if you go down, you won’t be getting back up.” In other words, “permadeath” (though it’s not permadeath in the truest sense of the word) is coming to Far Cry 4, and your existing strategies are going to need serious revamping because of it.

The DLC finds narrative footholds set by the core game, beginning when Ajay Ghale and Hurk awake in prison, stripped of all weapons. The DLC can be played single-player or co-op, and respawns are no longer a luxury players will have access to. As you progress, you’ll acquire skills and weapons which you can keep, but only as long as you stay alive. Ubisoft is making an effort to emphasize the strategy involved, noting that players will need to “plan and be careful” if they hope to escape in one piece.

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Escape from Durgesh Prison is free for Far Cry 4 Season Pass owners, and will cost $9.99 for everyone else. That said, the Pass is still available for $30, and includes extra missions and a PvP multiplayer mode. I’ve never been a fan of season passes myself, but Escape from Durgesh Prison is something I absolutely plan to spend time with. Maybe it really does feature true permadeath, and Hurk actually won’t exist in the main game anymore if he dies. Now that would be impressive.