7 Must-Play Video Games Of 2018

Photo: Rockstar Games

After a crazy October full of big game releases, it’s now become clear that 2018 has just been way too hectic when it comes to video games. Unless you’re fully committed to tracking all of the game launches, scouring the web for those that are actually worth playing, you’ll have likely missed a few gems. Couple that with a job and other “IRL” responsibilities, and you’re almost certain to have skipped over some absolute must-plays.

To help ensure that you end 2018 with those must-plays actually played, we’ve compiled a handy list, detailing the titles that you simply shouldn’t miss out on! 

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

Photo: Insomniac Games

Regardless of whether you’re a big Spider-Man fan or not, you absolutely must play Marvel’s Spider-Man. Insomniac Games has delivered one of the best superhero games in existence, with a great story, compelling combat, and excellent traversal through the huge virtual New York City. The latter point alone is worth giving this game a go, as the web-swinging mechanics are fantastic. However, as this is a PS4 exclusive, you will need to own the Sony console. (Spoilers: 2018 has been a great year for PS4 exclusives, so expect more to feature on this list!)

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The GameRevolution review praised the great visuals, some of the best combat ever seen in a game, the amazing movement, and the main story as especially spectacular.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, Xbox One)

Photo: Rockstar Games

The hype surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2 has been impossible to ignore, even for the busiest of people! However, if you’ve somehow managed to escape the critical acclaim and development crunch controversies, the latest adventure from Rockstar Games definitely deserves a look. Following a series of delays, the game finally launched, propelling players into one of the most immersive Wild West simulations ever created. Boasting an insane level of detail, Red Dead Redemption 2 needs to be seen to be believed, preferably on one of the more premium PS4 Pro or Xbox One X consoles.

The GameRevolution review gave it a perfect score due to the in-depth world, great story, gorgeous graphics, fantastic soundtrack, 100+ hours of playtime, and the ability to play in first-person and third-person POV.

3. God of War (PS4)

Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Another PS4 exclusive makes our list, again emphasizing the great year that the Sony system has had. God of War offers a reboot that can be played and loved by both veterans and newcomers. Pacing is spot on, with highs and lows masterfully melded together. If you’ve any interest in a father and son story, combined with mythological elements, and a great combat system, this game has to be played. 

The GameRevolution review awarded a perfect score for the wonderfully developed world, excellent story and characters, huge amount of side content, fantastic combat system, excellent use of crafting, and the astounding visuals and use of HDR.

4. Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Photo: Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 takes the series to the fictional Hope County, Montana, where a religious cult reigns supreme. This might sound pretty familiar for Far Cry veterans, but the game’s additional Arcade mode, as well as the brilliantly implemented co-op, helps this title stand out. It’s arguably the most fun co-op adventure of 2018!

The GameRevolution review praised this title for its great co-op gameplay, potential replayability through the Arcade, and interesting premise and environment.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Photo: Activision

While, yes, Call of Duty does indeed come out every single year, Black Ops 4 actually does quite a bit to freshen up the franchise. The single-player has been completely axed, with a battle royale mode taking its place. While it’s obvious that Treyarch is just hopping onto the bandwagon, it’s also clear that the developers have done a tremendous job. By incorporating fan-favorite maps into the large open world, along with classic weapons like the Ray Gun, this Blackout mode offers the intensity of battle royale, mixed with a healthy dose of nostalgia. Oh, and there are the usual Multiplayer and Zombies modes, too! Give ’em a play!

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The GameRevolution review spoke highly of Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout, with the latter being a “superb first-time effort at battle royale.”

6. Forza Horizon 4 (PC, Xbox One)

Photo: Microsoft Studios

While both Forza and Forza Horizon do well to bring fun racing mechanics to players of all skill levels, it is the Horizon series that makes a push towards ludicrous fun over grounded realism. With Forza Horizon 4, players are given a big chunk of the UK to race through, a huge number of cars across a variety of classes to race in, and a number of competitors offline and online to race against.

The GameRevolution review applauded this title’s gorgeous graphics and detailed cars, the variety of tracks to race on, changing seasons which also enhance gameplay, and the massive world to explore.

7. Detroit Become Human (PS4)

Photo: Quantic Dream

David Cage is a bit like Marmite, in that you either love or hate his work. For us, however, Detroit Become Human is easy to like, with a memorable world populated by compelling characters. Players need to make some tough decisions that really do impact the story. Prepare yourself for an intense rollercoaster ride!

The GameRevolution review listed the superb acting performances, 40 hours of branching paths, the fact that choices actually impact the rest of the game, and the great graphics as especially brilliant.

The rest of 2018!

Photo: EA

These are just a select few of the must-play games of 2018. If you manage to catch up on these suggestions, Monster Hunter World and Yakuza 0 should be next on your list! Then there are upcoming titles like Battlefield 5Fallout 76, and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. There is a lot to love in gaming this year!


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