The Best of 2014: The 14 Movie Scenes We’ll Never Forget


We’ve already given you our picks for The Best Movies of 2014, but sometimes just one single scene can make a lesser film stick in your memory forever. And although some movies we called the best of 2014 also featured some of the best scenes of the year, it’s the films that surprised us by being just momentarily great that deserve an even bigger shout out.

These are the scenes that made 2014 so unforgettable for movie lovers. The shocking moments, illicit sex, brutal violence and even the musical numbers that we’ll continue to reference for years to come. Take a walk down memory lane as we look back at the best of 2014, and let us know if we missed any of your own, personal favorites.

SPOILER WARNING: Although we have tried to preserve the integrity of these films by alluding to major spoilers instead of describing them outright, by definition this list may prepare you for moments that could play better as a surprise. Proceed with caution.


14 Unforgettable Movie Scenes from 2014:

Runners-Up (in alphabetical order): 

EDGE OF TOMORROW (Tom Cruise Dies a Lot)

FURY (A Most Uncomfortable Dinner)

GONE GIRL (The Blood)

GRAND PIANO (Motherless Child)


MUPPETS MOST WANTED (Cockatoo in Malibu)

OCULUS (The Lightbulb)

SNOWPIERCER (Elementary School)

UNDER THE SKIN (Vagina Trouble)

WE ARE THE BEST! (Hate the Sport)


X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (Quicksilver Time)


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