Best of 2014: The Top 14 CraveOnline Film Exclusives

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We’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the best movies, the worst movies and everything else that happened in 2014. And now the time has come to turn that gaze inward, and look back at the stories, videos and interviews that made us smile over the course of the last year. 

As people who work inside the entertainment industry, our perspectives may sometimes be a little skewed here at CraveOnline. The things we geek out about at the office aren’t always necessarily the most popular articles we publish, but that doesn’t make them any less badass. So while the opportunity is still available we are taking one last look at the various Film Channel exclusives we were especially proud to share with you, our beloved readers, over the course of 2014.


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Extended video interviews that no one else scored, articles that illuminated aspects of the art form that don’t get enough attention, and of course, lots and lots of porn stars. That’s what we loved the most about working for CraveOnline in 2014. Take a look back with us, and see what you might have missed this year that – in our humble opinion – deserves a second look.

Thank you for joining us on yet another rotation around the sun. We hope to see you all throughout the next year, because it’s only getting more exciting at CraveOnline by the minute!


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