Check out These Absurd New Screenshots from Just Cause 3

Ever wanted to surf atop a sports car? You should be able to next year. Just Cause 3 is on its way, and true to the series’ roots, mayhem levels look as though they’ve be tuned to an all-time high. Contrary to rumors, the game will not be free-to-play, it will be developed by Avalanche Studios, and the beloved (and brilliant) grappling hook and parachute mechanic will return with souped-up functionality. All good things. All coming next year.

In the meantime, there’s a new batch of screenshots that have surfaced today, and within these images are some of the wackier actions players will be able to pull off while in the world of the game. There are no-doubt plenty of completely insane goodies left unspoiled by the latest screens, and the fact that there’s likely chaos that exceeds surfing on sports cars and slinging explosive oil cans mid-parachute is perhaps the game’s most compelling feature. In other words, we likely have no idea the magnitude of what’s in store for us.

You can check out the screens below, and if you’re wondering which platform they’ve been captured from, unfortunately we don’t yet know. The game is slated for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so it’s feasible that these dazzling shots are from the console edition, but there’s no guarantee. At any rate, they certainly represent the look and feel Avalanche is going for across all three platforms, and for now that will have to be good enough.

[Via: Gematsu]