Just Cause 3 Gets First Trailer, With Release Date

Just Cause 3 finally has its first trailer. If you start watching it, and have the sneaking suspicion that it will tell you nothing other than “this game is being made,” you’re not alone, but you’re not totally right.

After Just Case 3‘s release date was a little bit of a mystery, with some saying summer 2015 and others engaging in meaningless pontification, this new trailer reveals at the end that Just Cause 3 will release summer 2015.

It did give us the first glimpse (albeit cinematic) of the previously announced wing suit, which is sure to be loads of fun. To be fair to Avalanche Studios, they say they’re holding off on gameplay trailers until they have an accurate representation of the fun Just Cause 3 can offer.

They also said, in an announcement on PlayStation Blog, that the trailer hints at several features of the game itself. Beyond the wing suit, though, it’s hard to see exactly what they’re referring to. Regardless, the over-the-top action sequences will obviously be present, and for a game that treats its title as a double-entendre, that’s all we can really ask for.

Just Cause 3 is currently planned for PC, Xbox One and PS4.