2014 Funniest Moments In Sports


2014 was a very polarizing year in sports. LeBron left, again. Jeter had a very, lengthy — for lack of a better term — retirement tour. And don’t even get us started on the NFL drama. However, with the availability of cameras and the ease at which to upload them continuing to climb, 2014 was possibly the funniest year we’ve seen in sports.

Below are what we’ve compiled to be our absolute favorite funny moments — 18 altogether.

numbers_set_18This 7-Year-Old Black Belt Will Annihilate You

Possibly the most intimidating first grader on the planet.

numbers_set_17The Johnny Manziel Snickers Commercial

It’s the pelvic thrusts.

numbers_set_16Tosh.0 Tears Apart ESPN For Stealing ‘Web Redemptions’ Segment

Did ESPN rip off a segment from Tosh.0? Sure seems like it to Daniel Tosh. Oh well, he took it all in stride… NOT.


numbers_set_15We Learned Cubs Legend Harry Caray Drank 288 Days Straight In 1972

We only know this because of the tax diary he kept popped up out of nowhere. That’s right, Caray wrote off his drinks because they were during ‘business’ meetings. The re-release of the video below just supports the story further.

numbers_set_14Furious Alabama Fan “Phyllis” Calls Paul Finebaum, Goes Off

Want to hear just how absolutely insane Alabama fans can be? Just listen to lovely Phyllis here. It should also be noted that I am an Alabama alum, and I love Colin ‘Cowturd.’ 

numbers_set_13White Sox Take “Dog Days Of Summer” Literally

Man’s best friend also loves America’s greatest past time. But who knew they could be so sporty, chillin’ in the stands?

numbers_set_12Josh Reddick’s New Walkup Song Funniest Ever?

Who needs rock or hip hop to get pumped up for an at-bat in which you face a leather ball screaming at you at 90+ MPH? “Careless Whisper” — it’ll do. 

numbers_set_1150 Cent Throws First Pitch At Citi Field, Becomes Joke Of Baseball

The rapper didn’t make this pitch — if that’s what you wanna call it. No, this was SO Curtis Jackson.

Juuuuuuust a bit outside!

numbers_set_10Peyton & Eli Manning Rap ‘Football Fantasy’ In Commercial

As ridiculous and funny as it is catchy.

numbers_set_09Chrissy Teigen Possibly Threw Drunk First Pitch

Click the headline link above to check out her Tweets that tell the whole story. But let’s just say the supermodel had a few birthday margaritas, threw a first pitch at the Dodgers game, fulfilled her munchies at Wendy’s declaring it was so good she would ‘put her wiener’ inside, then tweeted her hangover hours later. 

numbers_set_08Sochi Olympics 2014: ‘The Games Have Always Been A Little Gay.’

Where do we begin with the travesty that was the Sochi Olympics? There were numerous accounts of outrageous moments that made our heads spin, including the athlete who had to punch his way out of a locked door… from inside his own bathroom! However, this video below took the cake. Not only was it a statement against the anti-gay stance of the games, but it was funny as hell.

The original video was taken down, but this one has survived.

numbers_set_07Frank Caliendo Reads LeBron ‘Return Letter’ As Morgan Freeman

We’ve known the amazing impressions of Caliendo for years — John Madden — BOOM! –, Coach John Gruden, etc. But he took it to a whole new level while on Mike and Mike this past summer when he gave a spot-on read of LeBron James’ return-home letter as iconic actor Morgan Freeman.

Close your eyes while listening — all you hear is Morgan Freeman!

numbers_set_06Kevin Hart Tells Jameis Winston To “Stop Doing Dumb S**T”

The comedian tells the constantly troubled QB what we’ve all wanted to say directly to his face.

numbers_set_05Kimmel Wins Again With “Mean Tweets: NFL Edition”

We’re all familiar with Kimmel’s now famous ‘Mean Tweets’ vids. However this year’s NFL edition took the cake. Although Terrell Suggs’ gave me a gut-busting laugh, T.O., Keyshawn Johnson, Erin Andrews — no one is safe in this hilarious montage. 

numbers_set_04Penguins’ ‘Buckle Up Baby’

Tyler Avolia is the youngest fan to lose his mind at the drop of a puck. Most intense diapered fan in history!

penguins fan

numbers_set_03Spelling Bee Fail: Jacob Williamson Gives Most Amazing Spelling Bee Moment Of 2014

A reminder to always, ALWAYS, stay humble, no matter how large your medulla oblongata.

numbers_set_02This Is The Greatest LeBron James Comeback Video Yet

If you love Dumb And Dumber, this is one of the funniest videos you will ever see.

numbers_set_01Kid Marlins Fan Who Lost His Mind 

Imagine if your wife acted like this if she were put on the jumbotron?


Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.