Sony Has High Hopes for Upcoming Spider-Man Films


Spider-man was part of the rise of comic book films around the turn of the century. This is common knowledge.

What’s not-so-common knowledge is that Sony’s efforts to keep Spidey relevant and exciting in the comic book film adaptation world are starting to give way to newer or more exciting franchises, such as the Avengers, Batman, X-Men, or Guardians of the Galaxy. Spider-man films have been on a downward trend in terms of worldwide revenue for a while now. While they still raked in hundreds of millions, the total numbers are growing smaller and smaller. For example, even when we just look at the change from The Amazing Spider-Man to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, there was a loss of around one hundred million dollars, domestic and worldwide numbers combined.

Yet Sony expects a jump of nearly forty percent over the next three years due to Spidey-related content and films. 

One might be wondering whether it’s wishful thinking and optimism, or if they’ve really got something up their collective sleeves. Either way, the world still enjoys Spider-Man films, but maybe the playing field’s a little crowded lately, that’s all.

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