Woodworking at The Gentlemen’s Expo: Bespoke Your Wood Co.

How the things our grandfathers did, and the way they did them, can be in many ways better than the modern techniques that have taken their place. As you walk into the hall, men are getting single-blade shaves to the left of you, and wooden sets litter the exhibition floor. Bespoke Your Wood Co., a small woodworking company out of Muskoka, is a prime example of a company that looks to the past to bring its clients the best possible product.

Bespoke repurposes wine boxes that clients can send in and, with other recycled wood and parts, they are turned into serving trays, boxes, and even medicine cabinets. Old iron spikes are also used to give the pieces that real rustic charm. Bespoke is run by one man, Shawn Gardiner, who began the business as a hobby in his spare time. He makes every Bespoke piece himself, guaranteeing each piece is unique and high quality. The time and dedication plays right into that importance of the past that can be found throughout the Expo.

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